There is nothing more nerve racking than buying a home, even worse is buying an existing home.  Unlike buying a three year old car that is at
a better price than a new car and has all the kinks worked out of it.  An existing home has the same and sometimes a greater value than a new
home of similar size, features and composition.

Let us at ATEX Inspects help take the hassle out of the mysteries of buying a existing home.  I have found over the years that the longer a
home is around, the more owners it has had.  The more owners often translates to DIY (Do It Yourself) projects, repairs and modifications that
have taken place around the home.  Some jobs around the home are done correctly and to current building standards, but frankly, most of the
time this is simply not the case.

It seems the older the home is, the more things we find that have been repaired, added or modified incorrectly with total disregard to personal
safety and property preservation.  Let us help you examine the many PUZZLES in you potential home purchase, exam the facts and assist
you in making sound and correct real estate transactions.

Here Is How It Works -

1.  Once you find the home of your dreams, you will make an offer to buy the home to the current home owners.
2.  Once your offer is accepted, which can be after several of offers and counter-offers.  You will enter a written contractual agreement to buy
the home based on the agreed terms of the contract.
3.  Attempt to obtain the longest number of option days possible, the number of option days will range from 5 - 10 days with 5 - 7 days being
the average.
4.  It is recommended to shop for home inspectors during the negotiations and finalize your decision at the time the contract is signed by the
current home owners and all terms are agreed upon by both parties.

Ask These Questions When Comparing Home Inspector's For Your Home Inspection Selection:

1.  How long have you been a licensed home inspector?  We have been professional real estate inspectors for 11 years.
2.  Have you
conducted thousands of home inspections and commercial inspections?  We Have!
3.  Do you offer free infrared scanning (thermal imaging) with all of your inspections?
 We offer free infrared inspections.
4.  Have you raised your inspection prices in the last ten years?
(We have the same inspection prices for the past 11 years.
5.  Do you carry 10 times the State of Texas required levels of liability insurance?
 We Do!
6.  Do you have extensive construction experience?
 We have extensive building construction experience.

If the answer to any of these questions is NO, I don't know, I'd rather not say or frankly I can't remember:


5.  After you have shopped around and chose a home inspector, contact the home inspector to arrange the home inspection services.  This is
not always as easy as it seems, there are coordinations that have to be made between all parties involved.
6.  If you review all of our services, experience, training and outstanding client reviews, we hope you choose ATEX Inspects to preform your
home inspection services.
7.  Once the inspection date and time are set with all parties, please take this time to contact us with any and all questions concerning the
home inspection process you may have.  We can be reached by email, text or by phone.  We prefer to speak with you in person so we can
answer your questions on a more personal note.
9.  We always encourage you to attend the inspection process, but we understand that is sometimes not possible.  Rest assured that we will
perform the same level of diligence in our duties if you can attend or not, but we would love to see you there.
10. Once al the home, we will complete a detailed inspection of the property with you, at the end of the inspection, you will know everything
there is to know about the condition of the home.
11. Honestly, at this point, some clients withdraw their offer to buy the home based on the inspection findings alone.  Others proceed with the
purchasing process using the home inspection report as a negotiating tool with the current owners.
12. Your home inspection report is delivered to you by email the night of the inspection.  Pay special attention to the photo section of the
report as it will note in detail all items of issue and concern found during the inspection.
13. You will then sit down with your real estate agent and decide what you think is important for negotiations.
14. Normally one or more of three things will happen from your side of the negotiations:
a.  You will ask you items or issues to be repaired.  (Be sure all work is performed by licensed tradesmen and professional contractors and
alway demand copies or work orders, invoices, receipts and warranties if any).
b.  You will ask for a set amount of money to taken off of the selling cost of the property to off-set the repairs needed.
c.  You will ask for a straight cash settlement to be paid to you by the seller to have the repairs performed for yourself.  (Never accept monies
for repairs of major component items such as HVAC (AC & Furnace), foundations, electrical, plumbing and roofs without first obtaining several
written quotes for the needed repairs by a licensed tradesmen or professional contractor.
15. Alway refer any questions you may have about repairs, repairs processes, etc back to your home inspector.
16. Once repairs are settlements are made, you are now ready to proceed with the closing of the real estate trasnaction.

There you have it in 16 basic steps.

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Thank you for spending time with us today and see you at your home.




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