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History of Sugar Land and Sugar Land Home Inspection Services - We Offer Free Thermal Imaging (Infrared)

Sugar Land's Founding History
One of the first settlers of the land, Samuel M. Williams, called this land "Oakland Plantation" because there were many different varieties of oaks on the land. Williams' brother,
Nathaniel, purchased the land in 1838. They operated the plantation by growing cotton, corn, and sugarcane.

Company Town
In 1906, the Kempner family of Galveston, under the leadership of Isaac Herbert Kempner and in partnership with William T. Eldridge, purchased the 5,300 acre Ellis Plantation.  In
1908, the partnership acquired the adjoining 12,500 acre Cunningham Plantation with its raw sugar mill and cane-sugar refinery.  The partnership changed the name to Imperial
Sugar Company.  

A City Emerges
As the company town expanded, so did the interest of establishing a municipal government.  It resulted in Sugar Land becoming a general law city in 1959 by voters.  The Imperial
Cattle Ranch sold about 1,200 acres to a developer to create what became Sugar Creek in 1968.  Encouraged by the success of Sugar Creek, First Colony, a new master-planned
community encompassing 10,000 acres set out to create a new standard in development in Sugar Land.  

Why is it so important to have your Sugar Land home Inspection by a professional real estate inspector?
Buying a home is one of if not the largest financial investment your will ever make.  We often spent weeks researching large appliance purchases such as flat-screen TV's.  We want
to ensure we are getting the latest model, best possible color contrast and picture, etc, etc.  So why would we not invest the same degree of time and effort in your Sugar Land home
purchase.  A  home's cost is several times over the cost of the new TV we spent weeks researching through the web, asking friends and comparing models right?  Does our home
deserve any less?  We serve all the Sugar Land area zip codes:  77478, 77479, 77487 and 77496.  

At ATEX Inspects we can handle all your Sugar Land home inspection needs at the best home inspection prices.  Visit out website at to see how
we have helped hundreds of Houston area families with their home inspection needs.  We are your preferred property inspector in Sugar Land, Texas area providing a full range of
home inspector’s services.

Sugar Land Home Inspections include all of the following inspection areas:

Structural Inspection
- Covers the entire structure, foundation, framing, and other significant components.  These include but are not limited to flooring, walls, roof framing,
drainage and grading.  

Electrical Inspection - Includes sufficient capacity, safety, and evaluation of current condition and suitability for future use. Upgrades and repairs are recommended as needed.
Conditions are evaluated against current home building requirements.  

Heating and Air Conditioning Inspection -  Capacity of the existing equipment, age of the equipment and its functionality are inspected, we approximate the life expectancy and
recommends appropriate repairs and upgrades when needed.  

Plumbing Inspection - All plumbing, pipes and fixtures in the home are inspected for functional flow and life expectancies. The plumbing system is screened for unsanitary
conditions, potential repairs, spillage/overflow, leaks & water related damage.  

Crawl Space/Slab Inspection - The home inspector looks for problem areas that could cause structural concerns, such as poor soil conditions, surface drainage and run-off,
foundation proximity to tree roots, vegetation and add-ons.  Several older Sugar Land   homes are built on pier and beam foundations, these foundations in combination with poor
soil conditions lead to foundation and eventually structural issues within the property.  

Kitchen & Appliance Inspection - All appliances are operated and deficiencies noted.

Interior Inspection - Interior Walls, floors, windows, doors and ceiling surfaces are scanned for problematic conditions, visible evidence of water penetration, other visible
damages, potentially dangerous or toxic materials, fire hazards, or security breaches.

Ventilation & Insulation Inspection - Ventilation, insulation and energy conservation aspects are checked and appropriate corrections are recommended.

Exterior Inspection - Areas Inspected include - Roof, roof runoff controls, landscaping, drainage,  entry ways, steps, walks and drives are inspected. Due to recent storm damages
caused by hurricane Ike, many Sugar Land houses have suffered roof, attic equipment ventilation and exterior siding damage from high winds and flying debris.

Nothing is worse that buying a Sugar Land home, paying all the closing costs, and moving in only to discover you bought a lemon that requires several hundreds or thousands of
dollars in repairs.  

How to get the most from your Sugar Land home inspection by a Professional Real Estate Inspector? Tips to help us perform the most through inspection to allow you the
most benefit from your Sugar Land real estate inspection.

1.  Ensure the home inspection is scheduled with the current owner or occupants.

2.  Ensure we will have access to the home to complete the inspection.  At ATEX inspects, we maintain a Supra key to allow us access to homes equipped with a Supra through the
Houston Association of Realtors (HAR).

3. All utilities should be turned on the day of the inspection.
 If the home is a foreclosed property - Read This.....

4.  Pets should be restricted to a kennel or one small area.  

5. If the home has an attic access door, it should be able to be opened.  

6.  Main electrical service panels should be unobstructed.

7.  Access to all parts of the home to be inspected should be provided.  We will be unable to inspect any areas blocked or covered by storage items, decorations, or personal items
or otherwise locked or secured to prevent access.

8.  All doors should be unlocked or keys for those doors made available to us during the inspection, we will be unable to inspect areas behind locked doors.

9.  Please ask for all invoices, home owners disclosures, home warranties and related paperwork on repairs that have been performed on the home.  Please provide this
information during the inspection.  

If you are concerned or in need assistance with any of the above issues - now is the time to contact Robert at ATEX Inspects, your professional Sugar Land Home Inspector at 281-
216-1171 or visit or web site at:

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