Houston New and Existing Home Inspection
Residential Home (Buyers) Inspections:  - We Use The Latest Technology Like Thermal Imaging

You only get one chance to have your Houston home inspected before you close, make sure it is done, if not by us by someone!  Your home will be
inspected by a Real Estate Inspector, licensed to perform residential (single and multi-family dwellings) property inspections in the state of Texas.  Whether
you are planning to buy a new or existing home, it is well worth your real estate dollars to have the home inspected.

Here is why, say the
cost of your Houston area home inspection is 275-300 dollars, on average, our comprehensive inspection is 25-35 pages in depth and
identifies major repair needed and any other items of concern.  If you only request repairs or compensation from the seller for the 3-5 major items identified
during the inspection, these along can be 10 times or more the average cost of the inspection.  Add in the additional home items of concern and you are
now in a position to negotiate with the seller for 15 or more times the cost of the inspection.  

Not impressed yet, OK, least look at a "worst Case Scenario", if you buy a home that has one of the
more critical faults and you want to save a little
money and don't have the home inspected, you go at it alone.  One year later you notice that the doors and windows no longer close properly, notice
cracks in the walls and floor tile.  To make matters worse, you start seeing water stains in the ceiling and wall joints.  You then decide to hire a general
contractor who informs you that you have significant foundation defects and extensive structural settlement as a result of abnormal movement.  You get a
third party opinion from a top notch Houston foundation repair company.  The foundation repair company informs you that the foundation is cracked in six
places and has spread laterally across the entire slab.  There estimate of repairs is a startling 18,000 dollars, not to mention the inconvenience of having
your entire foundation uprooted in order to make the necessary repairs.  Add this to the general contractors quote of another 12,000 dollars to make the
necessary roof, interior and exterior wall repairs.  Now you are looking at 30,000 dollars in total repairs.  This could have been avoided if you would have
only hired a certified professional home inspector.

The Houston Buyer’s inspection, whether on a new house or existing home, will provide you (the buyer) the ability to make a full real estate assessment of
the property your about to purchase.  Our inspection report provides you with a complete list of preexisting property issues and concerns before you buy.  
The buyer's report also allows you to negotiate for a lower purchase price and/or required repairs, that far outweigh the cost of a home inspection and will
be the best investment you will make towards your new residential purchase.  One of the biggest factors that set home inspectors apart is the final home
inspection report.  Compare our detailed 35-40 page report with the average residential inspection report that averages between 8 (Texas minimum) and 25
pages.  Really, it’s not how long you stayed in school, your age, who your parents were, where the school was located, or the schools name that matters,
what matters was the knowledge you had when you graduated and the products you provide to your clients.  Oh, also the friends you make along the way.  
At the end of the day, what will you have to show for your time and investments?  
Houston Residential New or
Existing Home Inspection Services