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ATEX Inspects is one of those local businesses that you only hear about through great word of mouth and I'm really glad we were lucky enough to get a referral.

The inspections are carried out by the owner, Robert, and he does a great job during the walk-through of identifying problems and explaining how to fix them. He also
goes into a lot of detail about basic home maintenance and offers suggestions about little improvements that could be made, though not technically

On our first inspection, he saved us a huge mistake on a house we loved by finding cracks in the foundation (our inspection on our next home went much smoother).

Their rates are very reasonable compared to a lot of the other companies in the area and, if a deal breaker is found in your first home inspection, they offer a discount
if you use them again for your next inspection...which kinda helps with the sting of having to go thru the buying process on a second house. As for customer service,
Robert set up our appointment himself, just a few hours after we emailed him thru his website, which, to be honest, is not nearly as flashy as his competitors...but
that kinda sums up ATEX Inspects. You're paying for a great inspection...not bells and whistles. In our experience, he was flexible about rescheduling when
something came up on our end.  Highly Recommended

Paul P - Pearland, Texas Home Buyer
- Houston Home Inspection
Abdul R Syed
Thanks Bob for being so courteous today with my Houston house inspection. Your attention to detail and feedback was very helpful.  We knew our veterans are
honorable people and you did proved it today without any doubts. I was at ease with your detailed explanation about each and everything in the house, that helped
me a lot to estimate what needs to be done so I can negotiate with the seller. I called you because of your awesome website that explains pricing and inspection
details, you performed beyond my expectations.

Thanks again, may god bless you, amen
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Thinking of buying one of these Houston homes?  I recommend that you contact Robert Welch of ATEX inspects to perform a complete  inspection, all three phases if
possible:  Ashwood Builders, Postwood, Hyde Park Builders, Briarwood, Lakeridge Builders, Foxwood Builders, Pride Builders, and Leyland Shores.  As mentioned
above, I urge you to contact ATEX Inspects before you sign the closing papers....We were referred to a NACHI home inspector and were not impressed to say the

James, Postwood Home Owner! Houston, Texas
- Client Home Inspection Reviews

Thanks for such a thorough Houston
home inspection at such a competitive price. Your timeliness and availability to work on such a short notice has been very
helpful in this stressful home buying situation and is greatly appreciated. Due to your inspection I'm sure to have the price of the home knocked down. I recommend
you to any home buyer for their inspection needs, you are truly working for the buyer!  Robert, thanks again for 27 years of service to the US Army Reserves.

Great Thanks,

Timothy & Jennifer West
- Home Inspector Reviews
Purchaser & Disabled Veteran
"Thank you for your dedication to detail with our inspection as your report saved us from purchasing a home we would have had to put at least another $22,000 in for
repairs. The house appeared in pretty good shape but you found things they had painted over, i.e. dry-rot, water damage.  Since this is my first experience purchasing
a home in Houston on my own, I can't tell you how relieved I am you found all the big problems as I would have been in REALLY big trouble.  I have since put a bid on
another home in Pasadena, TX and want your company to do the home inspection as well.  I also could you are giving us a repeat customer discount on the 2nd
inspection.  I will call you for an appointment if they accept my offer.   

Again, I can't thank you enough for your help with my home inspection needs."

Home Buyer & Existing Home Buyer
I was not sure who to contact concerning a home inspection in Pasadena, Texas.  To be frank, I was not even sure I needed a home inspection.  After all, I was buying
a new home in from well-known builder.  Boy was I wrong, if I counted correctly, you found 15 or 16 items that required repairs.  Not to mention the fact that the two
rear bedroom AC vents were not even connected in the attic.  I was amazed!  I was originally given the name and referral of a well-known Pasadena home inspector,
but decided I would look for my own.  Again I am glad I did my own research for an inspector.  Thanks for your help with my home inspection.
 Best Houston Home
Inspection Prices - Best Home Inspector Reviews by far.

Thanks a bunch,
Pasadena, Texas
(New Pasadena Home Inspection Client)

I cannot thank you enough for assisting with our home inspection services in
Baytown, Texas.  We were going to buy the home without having an inspection, we
are glad a friend recommended that we contact you.  Your flexible schedule allowed us to have a thorough and complete inspection report the same day.  We took
our report and settled with the buyer for compensation that day and closed on the home within a week.  Thanks again for your military service and for your great
home inspection service.

Scott and Angelia
Home Buyers - Home Inspection Service
Hello Again Robert

I just wanted to thank you again for all the hard work you put into inspecting our new home. I have to admit, I only hired you because my father thought it was a
good idea to have our new home inspected and I just went along with him.  I thought "Why have this new home inspected, the builder said they had it inspected and
after all, it is a new home".  I have to tell you, when you started going over all the stuff that was wrong, I just couldn't believe they had failed to do so many things
right or missed them altogether.  Just an update, we have delayed closing until all the problems were corrected and our home was fixed to our satisfaction. Thank
you so much for being there for us, answering our questions and coming back out for a re-inspection.  I will not buy another HOME or recommend anyone else buy
a home without first having your company inspect it!  You saved us a ton of money and future headaches and repairs.  

Bob & Shelly Porter
Missouri City, Texas New Home Buyers

I just wanted you to know your League City Home Inspection services resulted in a re-negotiation of the contract and provided me with the leverage to get over
$4,800 in price concessions from the seller to fix the problems you found. Your fee was the best $275 I ever spent.  I will never buy another home in the Houston area
without contacting you first.  You did a great job and I more than got my money's worth. Thank you!"  League City, Texas Home Inspection Client.

League City, Texas
ATEX Inspects top quality new home inspection expertise gives you a peace of mind that you are making a sound real estate investment decision when it comes to
buying a home.  During our home inspection, he was very thorough with his inspection process and made it a point to communicate any concerns with us.  More
importantly, if you don’t quite understand any part of the inspection, he will work to make sure you do.  This is extremely important for someone who is not as savvy
about home building and construction procedures.  

Robert Welch takes great pride in his home inspection procedures.  His flexible inspection schedule really works around your personal needs.  I have used Robert
for several of my inspections and he has made me think twice about some property purchases.  His prices are the best investment we have found.  His amazing
personality makes you feel assured that you are getting an honest and precise inspection service.  I have made ATEX Inspects my inspection professional.  Great
home inspection cost and even greater home inspection services!  He has also inspected a Houston foreclosed home for a friend to verify the home’s integrity prior
to its purchase.

Randy and Claire - Clients Houston, T
X Home Inspection
Thanks for paying so much attention to my new home during my home inspection.  I appreciate your detailed report and clear explanations during the inspection.  
The last inspector I used was more interested in their cell phone calls and computer than my home and their inspection report was delivered to us 3 days later and it
was a joke.  I will always use you for all of my inspection needs and will refer you to all my friends.

MARCI - Inspection Customer for a New Home
Thanks for all your hard work and dedicated service over the past year.  We appreciate you quick and accurate response to our needs.  We will always keep you as
our Home Inspection Partner.  We provide numerous customers in the greater Houston area with home purchasing and improvement loans.  

Beverly, Missouri City, TX (Mortgage Company)
Hello Robert

I just wanted to say that I am extremely satisfied with the inspection that was recently done on my house and am grateful that you were able to do it on such a short
notice. When the builders representative came out to go over the report he said:

"This guy doesn't know what he's talking about, there's a lot of questionable items on the inspection report."
But as we started to actually look at the things noted on the report all he could say was:  "Well, he's right on that one" or "Yeah, that is an issue we will have to

One of the items in question was the HVAC system.  He said "There's no way there can be something wrong with it.  We install the best systems by the best HVAC
company in Houston.  They called the technician back out and sure enough.  The AC had not been filled to the required level with coolant, only a basic charge had
been put in the system to test for coolant leaks.  No one was called back out to fully charge the system.

He could not believe this could have happened to one of their homes.  The energy bills alone would have been outrageous before we would have ever figured out
what was wrong.  I feel I made an excellent investment and the right choice by picking ATEX Inspects and we will recommend you to anyone who needs an
inspector.  Thank you.  

Eric Randles
- Home Inspection Services
Sugar Land, Texas Home Buyer
As investors in the local Real Estate market, we have seen all kinds of homes & home inspectors.  Quiet frankly, we never use them, but due to the condition of this
last Investment Property, we decided different.  We are sure glad we did, especially when you pointed out all the electrical & HVAC issues hidden in the attic.  You
saved us from $10000 - $12000 dollars of investment nightmares and serious financial losses.  

Paul & Cindy, Houston, TX Investors & Real Estate Inspection Clients
Thanks for your help over the past two years with our home inspection services & property investments.  With your help, we have make wise decisions with
investment properties, you have helped us with Home Inspections in Alvin, Friendswood, Clear Lake & Pearland.  We have also used you for foreclosures
purchases in Sugar Land, Katy, Fresno & Richmond.  We have also referred your services to business associates, whom have used you for some of their
investment properties.

Thanks and we look forward to future business transactions:
Bill & Sandy - Investment Inspection Clients

I just wanted to thank you for the great job you put into the inspection of our
foreclosure home purchase.  We knew the home had issues, but not to the degree that
your very detailed 36 page report expressed.  We decided to purchase the home anyway, but at least we know what we are getting into before hand and with your
report, we were able to negotiate with the bank for a lower price.

Sergio and Annetta - Sugar Land, Texas
Thanks for making our Missouri City Home Inspection so meaningful during our new home purchase.  Your professional behavior and thorough inspection
provided us as new home buyers with the information we needed to make the correct decisions during this trying time in our lives.  We received the inspection
report the same night and your cost were very reasonable.  The report was very detailed and easy to understand.  We also appreciate the amount of time you spent
with us explaining the inspection process and pointing out our new home amenities.  

Thanks for your dedication and service to our country as a Army veteran,
Shelly & Mike, Missouri City, TX
(First Time Home Buyer)
Thanks for making our Sugar Land Home Inspection so interesting, educational and fun; I had no idea that investigating our new home could be so informative.  You
are the most professional and thorough home inspector I could have ever hoped to work with.  We received our inspection report that night and it was easy to read
and understand.  I think this was greatly due to the time you spent with us during the inspection process.
 Best home inspection prices I found online or elsewhere.

Bless you and yours,
Barbara, Sugar Land, TX

ATEX Inspects,
Thanks for your detailed analysis, inspection photos and comprehensive report.  It was great that we were able to get our completed report the same day of the
inspection.  We have looked for homes in several areas around Houston including League City and Pasadena, we found our dream home in Pasadena.  I did not
know much about the home, but your comprehensive real estate inspection report revealed all.  We settled with the sellers for a sizable sum to make the necessary
repairs.  We love it her in Pasadena in our new home.  Robert Welch and ATEX Inspects is AWESOME!
 Best licensed home inspector I found.

Rebecca & Jim,
New Home Owners in Pasadena, Texas
Thank you for your help with our Pearland home inspection.  We were told by a friend that before we bought an older home we would need a foundation inspection,
roof inspection, plumbing inspection and an electrical inspection.  We contacted specialist in each of these areas and the combine inspections alone were going to
cost us over $1200.00.   We had barely enough to close on the home, and then our Realtor recommended hiring a home inspector to do it all.  We got your business
card from a neighbor who had used you as their inspector and so we contacted you.  I went right away and researched several other inspectors and was surprised
that your company  “ATEX Inspects” kept popping up in all my searches in the Houston area.  We were very relieved when you informed us that your services
covered all these areas and only cost $275.00.  What a savings this was, we hired you immediately.

The home we were buying was in an older part of Pearland near the Friendswood city limits in Brazoria County.  You were able to get us on your schedule that week
and completed the inspection and report the same day.  We were shocked that the property inspection revealed so many plumbing and electrical concerns.  
Especially the ones where the seller had done numerous remodeling jobs on their own, there were several areas of improper wiring and plumbing repairs, shortcuts
were used to save money on the remodeling process.  I now clearly understand the true purpose and benefit of a licensed home inspector and what a home
inspection service consist of.  It was a great and memorable learning experience for my family.

Thank you.
Joey & Susan, Pearland Home Inspection Customers –
Pearland, Texas

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