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We Provide You With A Thorough Houston Home Inspection And A Professional Inspection Report Complete With Photographs
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        Moisture Penetration,
    Fungal Growth, Electrical Overloads & Mechanical Failures
  • VA, FHA & Foreclosed Property Inspections
  • Construction Phase Inspections
  • Third Party Inspections
  • Residential & Commercial Construction Draw Inspections
  • Swimming Pools & Spa Inspections
  • Relocation Services - Houston Relocation Inspections

Detailed Description of Each Inspection Service:

Your only have one chance to thoroughly investigate the property you are about purchase.  Start with a great home inspection to ensure the property meets
your standards.  New property construction phase inspection services provide you the buyer with the knowledge of a third-party Certified Professional Real
Estate Inspector or Houston Building Inspector who works for your investment interest.  We will inspect all three phases of the new construction process:  
Pre-foundation or Pre-Slab, Pre-Sheet rock and Final Construction Phase inspection.  The builder will tell you, "Oh, don't worry, we have our own building
inspectors" or they that they depend on the city to perform all of their required Houston Building Inspection.  Keep in mind the builder's inspector works for
the builder's interest and city inspector’s work for, who knows.    If you feel comfortable with city Houston building inspectors to perform your Houston
building inspection– click below to see how local inspectors conduct their 20-30 Houston Building Inspections a day.  You decide who is best suited to be
your real estate inspector, we perform two Houston home or commercial inspections per day.  We are the first time home buyer and one year builders
warranty home inspection specialist.  Call us today at 281-216-1171 for all your new home construction inspections.

When your Builders says your home was inspected by City Inspectors, what are you actually getting?

Click Here To See How Local City Inspectors Conduct Business

Houston new home construction and building inspections are one of A-TEX Inspects specialized services.  A-TEX Inspects offers phase inspections to
make sure your home is built properly from start to finish. Due to the great number of builders in the Houston home market, it is recommend to have a phase
inspection during your entire home building process.  Want to see a list of common home defects found during a home inspection - Click Here

Phase inspections are a three-step procedure:

Phase One – Pre - Slab Inspection for Your Home
We will come to your Houston building site before the foundation is poured to insure that everything from re bar to drainage to plumbing is in the proper
place before concrete is poured to avoid unnecessary and very costly delays of re-pouring if something is out of place.  This inspection will also ensure that
reinforcements are properly sized and spaced.  We ensure that the site is properly prepped and pouring is consistent with current requirements.  A narrative
report is made available to the buyer the same night of the inspection and can be forwarded to the builder upon request.  After the initial report, the
inspector will return for a follow-up to guarantee that the needed corrections have been addressed and prepare an additional follow-up report.  This
additional inspection step is not offered by most inspectors and ensures that necessary corrections are performed.

Phase Two – Pre - Drywall Inspection for Your Home
We will return to your Houston home site before the drywall is hung and insulation installed.  This is usually just after the city code inspector has done his
inspection.  We will check the home's wall and roof framing, interior and exterior structures, and framing notching & boring.  We ensure electrical wiring,
security system wiring, HVAC - AC ducting and routing is installed correctly.  We also reevaluate the home's roofing, framing and plumbing to ensure these
components are still in compliance with current local, city and national building standards.  The home buyer receives a second narrative report on the items
reviewed with a builder punch list which can also be  forwarded to the builder upon request.  The inspector will return on a 2nd follow-up to ensure the
corrections have been made; we then prepare a follow-up report and submit it to you the buyer.

Phase Three – Final Inspection of Your New Home - Free Thermal Imaging (Infrared)
We will return for a final full home inspection and evaluate all systems around the time of the final builder's walk-through.
The completed home will be entirely and exhaustingly review for errors and non-compliance issues.  The home be evaluated
on the same building principles as if the home was never inspected under the phase inspection process.  In other words, we
start the inspection procedure all over again from the beginning.  We inspect the home's foundation, exterior walls, windows,
coverings, roof structure, roof covering, venting, fireplaces and chimneys, interior walls, cabinets, flooring, ceilings, stairwells,
doors, HVAC - AC systems, home furnaces, attic space, decking, insulation, ventilation, attic framing and support ceiling fans
and electrical, visible plumbing, outlets, GFCI and AFCI circuits, all main and sub-panels, weather mast, main service drops,
the home grounding and bonding and over 200 other items of the home will be inspected.  

The new homeowner - buyer will receive the completed inspection report for needed corrections and future reference; this will also aid us with your one-
year Houston builder's warranty inspection.  When the final corrections are made, we will perform the final follow-up inspection & report.

Please remember to contact us to return prior to the end of your one year home builder's warranty to complete a warranty inspection on your Houston
property.  Any deficiencies discovered after the end of your Houston builder's one year warranty period and are not identified during your Houston building
inspections that require repairs will be at your expense.  Why pay for something the builder should have corrected to start with?

Contact us today to begin building your new Houston home correctly with the assistance of our full-services, phased new home inspection services.  Call
ATEX Inspects today at 281-216-1171.  Why Should You Choose ATEX Inspects?

Is it time for your One Year Builder's Warranty Inspection - Click on the link below for more information about these home inspection services.

Newly Built Houston Home Inspection:

New Houston homes should be in mint condition right?  However, new homes can be the most difficult of all houses to inspect because problems have not
established or demonstrated themselves, yet.  Let us take the mystery out of your home buying process with out thorough home inspectors services:  We
serve all the greater Houston Texas area.

The inspection of a new Houston home has to concentrate on the prediction of problems rather than the demonstration of some problem that has already
occurred and potentially been corrected. New homes have never been occupied and therefore any installation omission or error in construction has never
been identified or corrected. There are no symptoms to analyze or point to potential problems. As a result, the evaluation has to concentrate on the
knowledge of building codes and good construction techniques. Each function has to be evaluated and each system analyzed for function. Typical
concerns in new home construction include:

Structural and Foundation - Building codes are developed to set minimum standards and often do not reflect the standards of the new home owner. There
should be no damage due to the backfill process (no damaged foundation). Each crack should be noted and its location identified to analyze future
movement. There should be no sign of water penetration (the areas around water lines and trenches where utilities were brought up to the house should be
checked, as these often leak). The house should have been secured to the foundation (check all foundation straps, joist hangers, columns and I-beams and
floor joists damage from electricians, plumbers and heating contractors). Floor joist size and spacing should be checked (floor joists under heavy objects
may need reinforcement. Joists under inside wall partitions need to be doubled. Double headers should be placed in stairwells and opening in the flooring
system). The bearing walls should be lined up from the basement all the way up to the top floor and solid blocking should be placed under large door and
window openings. There should be no truss damage (trusses are engineered for safe wind and snow loads and should not be cut or damaged in any way).

Heating and Cooling - Many of the accessories, such as humidifiers condensate pumps, and air cleaners, are often left off. Ducts are often left
unconnected or filled with construction debris. Heating and cooling capacities are often undersized. Gas lines should be blue tagged indicating they have
been checked and approved. The location of the furnace thermostat should be sufficient to give even heat and cooling. There should be insulation on the
heating and cooling ducts that go through unheated spaces. The exhaust fans on kitchen and bath fans should be properly exhausted. The air conditioner
should be raised above the grade level and properly leveled.  The furnace filter should have been replaced and not have construction dirt packed on it.

Plumbing and Bathrooms - Plumbing problems in new homes tend to be minimal because they are so obvious. However there are a few things to check
for: Run the water in all faucets. Check all solder joints for leakage. Check the drainage for leakage, especially the sink traps. Listen for water hammer that
may indicate loose pipes in walls. Check for loose shower and tub faucets, quite often the strapping is missing. Check for loose or un-strapped pipes.
Check all accessories for tightness.

Electrical - Electric problems also tend to be minimal in new construction. The electrical trade is usually well regulated and there aren’t as many variables.
Typical concerns include the following:  The service panel should have been inspected and the building inspectors approval been affixed to the panel. The
Breakers should be identified properly on the service panel and the wiring complete at the panel. The electrical grounding should include the plumbing. All
electrical switches, lights, and outlets should all function properly. There should be no fixtures damage remaining after the construction. All attic, crawl
space and special request wiring should be checked for completeness.

Kitchen and Interior - Home buying individuals often are very picky” when it comes to interior work. Some imperfection in new home construction should
be tolerated. However, as a minimum the following should be checked: Proper operation of all doors and windows. All appliances should be checked, for
often they have not been tested. Check to be sure all walls are plumb and all floors are level. Check flooring. Good tile work sets off a good house. Check
for damaged accessories such as mirrors and plumbing fixtures. Check for completed base molding.

Attics and roofs - Insulation and ventilation are the primary concerns in an attic. Make sure that the recessed lighting is not covered with insulation unless
there is an okay from the manufacturer.  Insulation should be R38 or 14” of insulation in the attic floor (depending on the geographical location). Check for
insulation clogging the soffit vents. Check for damaged trusses. Check for roof leaks, especially around flashings. Check drip edges. Check around
skylights and chimneys. Check for drainage off the roof. All gutters and down spouts should be in place, well secured, and sufficient to hold all the expected
water without any overflow.

Exterior - All windows and doors should be properly flashed. All windows and doors should operate freely. The siding should be secure and clean. The
painting and caulking should be complete (check areas around cornice boards, windows, lintels, and doors – these are areas often not completed). All utility
holes should be filled properly. Splash blocks should be placed under all drains.

Grounds - The drainage system around your new Houston house should have been well developed. There should be a positive slope immediately around
the foundation, with grass been planted, all construction debris removed, and all walks, driveways, and patios completed.

Existing Home & Condo Inspections (Buyer's Home Inspection):

The inspection covers the interior and exterior components of the building in terms of materials used and type of construction. Foundation, framing
materials, and other components are noted along with any deficiencies.  Interior walls, floors and ceiling surfaces are scanned for problematic conditions,
visible evidence of water penetration, other visible damages, potentially dangerous or toxic materials, fire hazards, or security breaches.  Ventilation and
energy conservation aspects are checked and appropriate corrections are recommended.

The home’s roof is inspected, landscape drainage is also inspected and necessary improvements are recommended.  Steps, walks and drives are checked
for voids, surface problems and safety hazards.  Due to recent storm damages caused by hurricane Ike, many Houston homes have suffered roof and
exterior siding damage from high winds and flying debris.

The electrical system is checked for sufficient capacity, safety and is evaluated in terms of its current condition and suitability for future use in your home.  
Air Conditioning capacity of the existing equipment, the age of the equipment and its intended capacity, approximates the life expectancy and recommends
appropriate repairs and upgrades are inspected.  The House plumbing piping and fixtures throughout the house are checked for function flow and life
expectancies.  All house appliances are operated and deficiencies noted.

One Year Home Builder Warranty Inspection (12 Month Inspection):

Let’s face it not all Houston home builders are created equally, there are some great home builders, unfortunately others are not.  We recommend that you
contact ATEX Inspects to return prior to the end of your one year builders warranty.  We will return and perform your one year builder’s warranty
inspection.  Our Houston home inspection company's builder warranty inspection is comprehensive, detailed, and impartial and is similar to the Phase
Three  Final Home Inspection service.  The advantage is that this inspection allows the home owner to have all issues that have occurred during the first
year of new home ownership to be corrected.  The key point here is that this inspection is performed and corrections identified and corrected before your
one-year builder’s warranty expires, at the cost of the home builder.  This will allow you to ensure that the builder has addressed the home issues in a
complete and timely manner.

Sellers (Pre-listing) Inspection:

Sellers will be benefit by getting a pre-market residential home inspection performed.  Maintaining control of repairs will allow you to manage your budget
and keeps Houston buyer’s confidence strong through the house buying process.

Lack of periodic home or property maintenance is the most common reason real estate property deals fall apart.  By having a licensed Houston building
inspector prepare a list of potential repairs, the seller can be proactive and avoid much of the building repair negotiations which can be found when the
buyer has a property inspection preformed.  When the buyer finds there are very few repairs, they will quickly move forward in the purchase of your house
with confidence and peace of mind.  

I will not only inspect your property from the foundation to the roof, plumbing, electrical, structural and everything in between, but I’ll share with you what
areas of the property need to be repaired or maintained and why.  I will explain everything to you from start to finish during the home inspection process.  
You will leave the inspection with a greater understanding of the properties current conditions and future needs of the property.  We help the seller take
credit for the home improvement they have completed on the home they are selling.


Swimming Pools, Spas, Lawn Sprinklers, Septic Systems, Water Wells, Sheds, Out Buildings, Outdoor Cooking or Gas Appliances - Additional
cost is incurred for these items.

Wood Destroying Insect Inspections Are Performed By Contracted Third Party Licensed WDI


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