Missouri City Home Inspector Services
Sienna Plantation & Riverstone Home Inspections
And A Brief History of Missouri City, Texas

The area in which Missouri City is now located holds a significant part in the history of Texas that dates back to its early days.  In 1853, the Buffalo Bayou,
Brazos, and Colorado Railway operated a rail line that stretched from Houston to Stafford.  It was the first railroad to operate in Texas.  Most residents in the
area made their livings as farmers and ranchers.  Oil was discovered nearby in 1919; soon after, in 1925, at the same location, natural gas was discovered.

On March 13, 1956, the community that began as a small settlement more than 55 years earlier was incorporated.  Missouri City has since seen tremendous
economic growth.  Most of the newcomers to Missouri City were employees within nearby Houston.  The Missouri City area's recent upscale, master-planned
residential developments include Lake Olympia, Quail Valley, Riverstone and Sienna Plantation.  

Welcome To Missouri City Texas, Sienna Plantation, Riverstone and many other exciting Missouri City Sub-Divisions

ATEX Inspects Missouri City Texas, Riverstone and Sienna Plantations Home Inspections

Thinking about buying selling or investing in a home or commercial property in Missouri City, Texas?  Whether you’re a seller or buyer a property in Missouri
City, you will benefit from ATEX Inspects, LLC Missouri City real estate inspection services.  We offer a complete list of Home and commercial inspection
services at the best home inspection prices in the Missouri City area.  Our reputation is second to none.  Visit us at:
www.atexinspects.com  to review our
detailed list of services offered to you as a buyer, seller or investor.  We are your preferred property inspector in the greater Missouri City, Texas, Sienna
Plantation, Riverstone and all the greater Houston area.  We service all the Missouri City, Texas Zip Codes: 77459 and 77489.

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If you require a new home inspection in Missouri City, Sienna Plantation and Riverstone existing home inspection, builder's home inspection,
one year warranty inspection or a commercial inspection in Missouri City Texas - ATEX Inspects is the Missouri City Home Inspector for You!

Structural Inspection –
We will inspect the property’s complete structural systems to determine condition, issues, needed repairs and required maintenance.  
Roof covering and roof structure is also evaluated during the inspection.

Electrical Inspection - The entire electrical system from the main service drop to the very last electrical outlet and switch will be inspected and tested for
functionality and flaws.

Heating and Air Conditioning Inspection - We perform a full assessment of the property’s HVAC system, review the age of the installed equipment, capacity
and life expectancy.  Needed repairs and equipment replacement recommendations are made when needed.  

Plumbing Inspection – All supply and drain systems are inspected.  A functional test of all plumbing fixtures will be performed and all defects, leaks and
improper installations will be noted.

Crawl Space/Slab Inspection – The foundation and crawl space, when present, will be thoroughly inspected for settlement, defects and other structural
problems.  We also evaluate the foundation and structure support members for possible problem areas that could cause structural concerns now and in the
future.  Drainage, landscaping elevation, swales and water ponding are also evaluated as these can have an effect of future foundation performance.

Kitchen & Appliance Inspection - All present appliances are inspected for function, defects, damage and recommend repairs are noted.

Interior & Exterior Inspection – All Walls, floors, windows, doors, ceilings, porches and garages are inspected for issues, defects and future concerns.  All
problematic conditions are noted to include water penetration, visible damages, and fire hazards or security breaches.

Ventilation & Insulation Inspection - Ventilation and energy conservation aspects are checked and appropriate corrections are recommended.

To Sum It Up - We Inspect Everything In The Home From The Foundation To The Roof Top!

If you are concerned or in need assistance with any of the above issues - now is the time to contact Robert at ATEX Inspects, your professional
Missouri City Home Inspector at 281-216-1171 or visit or web site at:   www.atexinspects.com

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