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Foreclosures are skyrocketing, in the past, we would see a few foreclosures a month in Houston as far as home inspections were concerned.  Over the past
five years, we have seen an incredible increase in the number of
foreclosed homes in Houston, at nearly three times what it use to be each month.  This
increase has naturally resulted in an increase in Houston foreclosed home inspections.  Not all
Houston home inspection companies have the needed
experience or specialize in inspecting foreclosure properties, we do.  

Keep in mind that the Houston housing market has fairing much better than most cities across the US.  Foreclosures are not your smaller homes either, most
are 3000 square foot homes or larger.  Lots of our clients are using the flux in the market to upgrade their homes and others are picking up these foreclosed
homes in Houston for investment opportunities.  More and more we're seeing larger homes for sale in nice gated communities.  

Not all
Houston home inspectors are experienced with foreclosure real estate inspections.  We have performed hundreds of foreclosure home
in the last several years alone.  ATEX Inspects is your preferred foreclosed home inspector in Houston, Alvin, Pearland, Pasadena,
Missouri City, Friendswood, Katy,
Sugar Land, Spring, Galveston, La Porte, South Houston, Texas City and all areas around the greater Houston area.

The largest issues we are see in foreclosed homes in the area are damages caused by the previous owners. I've seen homes totally stripped of all light
fixtures, outlets, switches, breaker boxes, furnaces, air conditioners, built in appliances, broken windows, holes in sheet rock, defecation on floors and walls,
urine stains (and smells) in the carpet and the list goes on.

Unless you can find a foreclosed house in great shape, you'd better plan on doing some fix up work. You'd think that most of these Houston foreclosed
homes would be steals, but some are not. I've seen some of these homes in poor shape that were only 10k under the going real estate price for that
particular neighborhood. Apparently the mortgage company was either trying to make a profit with equity or had no idea of what the home was really worth
when they lent the money to the former owners.

Make sure the property you're looking at has everything it's suppose to. You know, things like the appliances, HVAC system, etc. Next, find out how long the
home has been vacant. If you walk in and it has a musky stale odor present, chances are it has been closed up a while.

Most Importantly - Get a Professional Home Inspection!  Most foreclosures have been damaged from neglect, abuse, recent storms or just because
they have been vacant for so long.
 We use thermal imaging to detect hidden moisture, water and possible fungal growth during our inspection of all
foreclosed properties.
 Previous owners have been known to leave little surprises behind for the next owners.  Before you schedule the home inspection,
see what steps you'll have to do so that all utilities are on at the time of inspection (gas, water,electric). Also make sure you and your home inspector can
gain entrance to the property.  
Getting the utilities on in a timely manner to allow for a proper home inspection within your allowed option period
is by far the greatest challenge you may face with buying a foreclosed home.  Have all utility services on at the home at the time of inspection
is critical to a thorough and proper inspection.

While there, walk around and see what the home needs. Take a notepad and write these things down. I'm not talking about stuff on your inspectors list. Just
the stuff you can see at the moment. Missing or damaged windows, doors, sheet rock, paint, carpet, etc. You can then drop by one of the DIY stores and get
an idea of what it'll cost you to start repairs.

Check with the local area Utility Companies - Gas, Water, Electric, Cable, Phone - to see whether or not a balance is owed. In some areas, no matter who
owns the home, they will not restore service until the bill is paid in full. You don't want to close on your new-found foreclosed home only to find out there's a
$1500 electric bill that needs paid in full before they will begin your service. Or worse yet,  you move-in on the week of the Super Bowl and find you the
previous owners have cut all the cable lines in the attic and left you with a whopping cable bill to catch up on.

ATEX Inspects is the preferred Home Inspection Company for foreclosed homes, new homes and other existing properties serving all the greater Houston
area.  No real estate inspection job is out of our reach, let us assist with your inspection needs today.  For the information gained from an inspection by us
our report will represent the smartest money spent on your home.  

If you are considering the purchase of a Houston foreclosed home, I highly recommend having your home inspected by a professional Houston foreclosed
home inspector  - now is the time to contact Robert at ATEX Inspects, your professional Houston Home Inspector at 281-216-1171 or by web request at:


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